Logistics Services for Universities and Colleges

Who We Are

H.E. Fairs have specialised in providing exceptional logistical support to the higher education establishments of the UK for almost 20 years. In life as well as in business experience can be of crucial importance. Over the years we have learnt from our mistakes and now have exceptional systems in place and an experienced, helpful and friendly management team. By having an experienced distribution partner you can be sure that you have peace of mind knowing your prospectus and promotional goods will be where you want them, when you need them.

Stand movements in particular can involve often complex arrangements. Indeed, some demands can be almost physically impossible. It is essential therefore that you have enough stands to satisfy your attendances at all the events nationwide, including off shore. We also cover the huge number of smaller events in addition to those managed by UCAS. You will find that in this area that we must work together and carefully put an achievable plan in place to ensure success.

About Us

H.E. Fairs in partnership with Law Distribution offer a total logistics package, which includes, receiving your printed literature each year, warehousing, stock management, stand management, picking and despatching your goods, delivery to your stand at each event and finally (when required) collecting stands and prospectus for returning to your stock locations in our warehouse. You receive these services year round but only pay a charge on delivery to each event.

Uniquely we have a full time office presence throughout the year. The office has for many years been managed by Julie Williams and assisted by Lauren. They keep you up to date and deal with any enquiries you may have.

Overall Management is in the very capable hands of Andrew Demenis.

We Deliver To

  • Undergraduate Fairs
  • Postgraduate Fairs
  • Law Fairs
  • Careers Events
  • College, 6th Form & Open Days
  • Medical Fairs
  • Art and Design Fairs

H E Fairs provides a service to every H E Event in the country. So if you wish to attend we can support you.

Our experience tells us that it is essential that we always work in partnership with our customers. You may well be aware that this is already happening. If not, we would like to welcome you into the fold.

By working closely together we can ensure that all the details are correct. Resulting in you being well prepared and supported for each and every event.